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2014/2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Canada/USA)

During my time at The Banff Centre in 2014 I had the unique privilege of cutting that year's Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival trailer. With footage from over 80 of the year's best adventure and mountain culture films, the trailer gives audiences a taste of what they'll see at the festival or at one of its tour stops in over 40 countries around the world. The international version opens every screening on the tour, reaching over 390,000 people at over 840 shows. Impressive sound design and FX from colleagues in the media department added the awesome finishing touches.

2015 Radical Reels Tour (USA/Canada)

The trailer for the Radical Reels Tour gives audiences a taste of the action sports films they'll see at one of the nearly 100 screenings in the US, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Radical Reels features a selection of adrenaline pumping shorts from the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

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