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Whit in the Wild


WWOOFing Switzerland: A Self-Sufficient Farm near Lake Geneva

Armed with a GoPro and gardening tools, I spoke with the owners of La Solide, a self-sufficient, organic small holding near Geneva, Switzerland. Yannik and Delphine gave me an inside look at how they make their lifestyle work, as I tended the farm alongside them.

WWOOFing Switzerland: The Lone WWOOF in the Swiss Alps

Living and working with a young Swiss family in the Alps outside Zurich, I learned the challenges of biological (i.e. organic) farming.

WWOOFing on a North Irish Goat Farm: Broughgammon

With two fetching young farmers as my guides, I learned to tend baby goats and even got a lesson in butchery on the North Irish Coast.

How to via ferrata - La Roda di Vael and Santner Pass in the Dolomites

A POV guide of how to via ferrata following an adventurous outing in the Italian Dolomites. 

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